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Dr. Sara prefers gentle and effective chiropractic techniques.  She utilizes Sacro-Occipital Technique, which focuses on adjusting the skull and the sacrum to optimize cerebrospinal fluid flow, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the brain and spinal cord and taking toxins away from them. This upgrades the nervous system, which can improve all the functions in the body.  She uses Applied Kinesiology muscle testing to find out how the nervous system is working in order to adjust to optimize function.  Dr. Sara uses a neurological reset technique to decrease the negative impact that mental stress can have on health. She also uses Activator Protocol to pinpoint problem spots in the body and gently adjust them.

Balance Natural Health Center has simplified billing. We want you to know your costs up front, so we have set fees per visit.  These fees are expected to be paid at each visit. They can be paid with cash, check, HSA, Visa or MasterCard. Rather than billing for each item and waiting to see what your insurance may or may not cover and then billing you for the balance, you will know your maximum out of pocket cost before you make your appointment.  When requested, Balance Natural Health Center will issue you a receipt with billing codes on it, such that you can submit it to your insurance company for possible reimbursement, depending on your insurance policy.  Dr. Sara prefers to choose treatments based on what each client needs, not on which treatments insurance will compensate.


At a new client visit, there will be a few forms to complete. Dr. Sara will take your health history and complete an exam. Based on the findings from her exam, she will treat you with adjustments and other techniques that would be helpful for you. Other techniques include Reiki, Qi Gong, soft tissue work and neurological resets. She may give you exercises or stretches to do at home and let you know when she recommends that you come back. If you are in an acute situation, you may need to be seen 2-3 times per week for the first week or two. If you are not in an acute situation, it is likely that she will want to see you again in 1-4 weeks.

At regular office visits, Dr. Sara will recheck the aspects of your body that were out of balance on previous visits to evaluate improvement and treat as needed.

At a Pre-Blood Chemistry Consult, Dr. Sara will assess your health through comprehensive questionnaires and talking to you to decide which type of blood chemistry lab tests would be most helpful for you.

At a Post-Blood Chemistry Consult or Report of Findings, Dr. Sara will meet with you to discuss your blood chemistry, based on the analysis she has done of your lab results.  She will then make nutritional or lifestyle recommendations tailor-made for you to optimize your health.

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