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AMAZING!  Dr. Cooper is nothing short of amazing. She is so knowledgeable and easy to work with. She is so much more than a chiropractor. Her services go way beyond chiropractic. She has vast knowledge of functional medicine as well. I can’t recommend her enough. And she is super reasonably priced.

--Suzanne C.

I highly recommend Dr. Sara.  She is competent and talented.  Her treatments have really helped me with lower back pain.  I always leave her office feeling relaxed, pain free, and grateful.  She was highly recommended to me. I am so grateful for her careful, thorough, gentle, and skilled chiropractic care. 

--Linda H. 

I really don't like going to see doctors.  Mostly because the average medical doctor has a tendency to place you into a box defined by one-size-fits-all protocols and paradigms set forth by actuaries, insurance agents, underwriters and pharmaceutical companies.  I don't blame the doctors as those protocols do sometimes work - but I still don't really like going to see them.
But Dr. Sara isn't the average doctor and I do love going to see her.  Because she sees me as an individual and listens to me.  Instead of prescribing some off-the-shelf brand of medical dogma, Dr. Sara employs her skills to create a customized plan for each patient.  She is gentle, super smart, non-judgmental, accommodating and, most of all, she actually cares about helping you feel better.  Never in all my years of seeing a traditional MD has my doctor texted me at 630 pm on a Friday night to just check in and see if I'm doing ok on the plan they prescribed.  Not once. But Dr. Sara does this - seriously, she really does!
In essence, she practices exactly what the name of her company advertises - a balanced, natural approach to health care which has the added benefits of being completely patient focused, effective, kind and compassionate.
If you're not feeling right and want a kind, honest healer to take care of you and make you better, please go to see Dr. Sara - you won't be disappointed.

--Patience F.

Dr. Sara is amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone that needs adjustments or advice on nutritional supplements. She has helped me through pregnancy and post pregnancy. I have taken my son to her since he was 3 or 4 months old. Dr. Sara listens and genuinely cares about the health of my body and has always done softer adjustments on me.

--Andrea B.

Dr. Cooper is wonderful at listening and really getting to the bottom of issues. I knew something wasn't "right" for a long time, but it wasn't until I went to Dr. Cooper that we found the real cause of my health problems and we able to start addressing them.

--K. Clayton

Each time I've left Dr. Sara's practice, I felt so relaxed. Her attention to detail and gentle practice is wonderful. She listens well and takes time with each client. I really appreciate how she has helped me by using activator and natural remedies.

--Anna B.

Dr. Sara is everything I appreciate in a medical professional: holistic approach to health; nutritional advice; sacro-occiptal technique; and more.  She is one of the nicest, most empathic and caring doctors I have experienced.  I feel comfortable, secure and healthier in her care.

--Mary G.

Dr. Cooper is a gifted healer. I have tremendous appreciation for her holistic (whole life) approach, how she listens, and the array of gentle modalities she uses for very effective treatment (and prevention).

--Grit Y.

Dr. Sara has many and diverse skills. Depending upon my needs that day, she complements her gentle chiropractic with cranial sacral, nutritional and/or other holistic remedies. It is fascinating to experience these techniques working, and to listen to Dr. Sara describe why they promote healing. I have introduced family and friends to Dr. Sara’s healing practices, all with great success.

--Susan G.


After an hour long visit with Dr. Cooper, I felt more than amazing. She does amazing work! I highly recommend Balance Natural Health Center

--Suzanne C.

Dr. Sara has helped me with various different physical ailments. Yesterday I saw her for foot pain that a podiatrist had diagnosed as a "precursor to a stress fracture" in one of my metatarsals. Sara determined that said metatarsal was out of alignment and adjusted it. Today all of the tenderness around that bone is gone! Sara has a wonderful, gentle method and she truly listens and treats beyond the area of concern. I always find significant improvement within a day of her treatments if not immediately.

--Amee C.

I'm pretty much the most non-compliant patient, a doctor's nightmare, lol. But Dr. Sara really listens and is able to straighten out even MY back, which is regularly abused (by me). Now she's helping me get the rest of me straight (a tall order). If you're tired of waiting in lines so your 'modern' doctor can look at you for 5 minutes and then prescribe a bag of pharmaceuticals that won't actually help you, then you owe it to yourself to book an appointment with Dr. Sara Cooper. She'll take the time to really figure out what's right, what's wrong, and then put you on the road to better health.

--Steve B.

I can’t begin to put into words the natural and intellectual intuition Dr. Sara has to offer her patients and the caring heart and passion Dr. Sara has with every physical challenge I’ve seen her for.  I’ve been through a 4 level Cervical Fusion and 3 spinal surgeries and a hip replacement in the last 10 years. I’ve tried about every Eastern therapy offered and many different chiropractors and Western Medicine, and I would definitely have to say that Dr. Sara has helped me the most. Dr Sara listens to all your concerns and addresses them in such a gentle manner.  She re-aligns your full spine, cranial and central nervous system to attain and or maintain the best of pain relief and alignment of the full body.  I leave feeling very focused, pain free and very clear of what Dr. Sara treated.  I feel extremely blessed that I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Sara and I would recommend Dr. Sara to anyone at any age.  Dr. Sara is so extremely intelligent and insightful with anything that is giving you pain/discomfort with your physical being.  Thank you, Dr. Sara, for all you’ve done for me!

--Maureen K.

She listens and explains her processes clearly as a healing chiropractor. In addition to responding to a specific problem, she is concerned about your entire chiropractic health from head to toe.

--Maureen M.

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